Curb Appeal: Paths and Walkways

We’ve shared some simple ways to improve your home’s curb appeal by fixing your concrete driveway and boosting its appearance. Your concrete driveway is just one of the major pieces of your home’s curb appeal. The path that leads to your front door is another part of your home’s curb appeal.

After guests pull up and park on your driveway, they step out and onto your path or walkway. Whether you have a straight concrete walkway, a curved concrete path, or another style, your pathway deserves attention. It leads the way to your home, so it deserves to be well-maintained.

Here are a few simple ways to make sure your concrete path is in top shape:

Clean your concrete walkway. Use a broom to remove the dirt and debris that litters your path. Then, use a weed eater with a lawn edger to create a clean line against the path. You’ll need to sweep again. Now, examine the state of your concrete. If there are areas of damaged concrete and cracks in your path, you should not use a power washer. Move on to the next step to repair any cracks and uneven concrete. When your path is in good condition, you can use a power washer to give your path a thorough cleaning.

Repair concrete that is damaged or uneven. Nature has its way, and over time, your concrete path will wear down and start to lose its original appearance. You may need to seal cracks and joints to protect them from the elements. If you have sunken or damaged concrete, you have a trip hazard. Concrete repair can solve this quickly. Our team can fix your existing path without pouring new concrete, saving you money and time.

Add accent lighting. Make your pathway even more inviting by lighting the way. Choose path lighting that compliments your landscaping design. Space the lights apart evenly along the side of the path. Your lighting system not only sheds light on the path, but it provides safety and security.

  1. Add flair.

Whether a garden sprawls on either side of your path or a minimalistic row of shrubs lines your paths, you can make sure your landscaping complements the walkway. Consider adding to your garden or using an archway over your path. A garden gate might be the right touch for your home.

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